There are so many reasons you may want to use a bread maker but the key ones are all based around healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

Modern bread makers have made the process of making bread extremely simple and almost fool proof. If you ensure the ingredients are measured accurately it only takes around 10 minutes to get everything into the machine and ready to go and you will have a perfect loaf every time.

Know What You are Eating

Knowing what ingredients are going into your loaf of bread and more importantly what is ‘not’ going into the bread is very important. Preservatives, colourings and flavourings along with high levels of salt and sugar are widely used in shop bought bread. By making your own you can control exactly how much salt and sugar are going into your bread and avoid the rest.

A lot of bread makers now have a gluten free setting to enable you to make gluten free bread. This has massive benefits for people with a wheat allergy or other gluten intolerance disorders. By using a bread maker you can be 100% sure what you are eating isn’t going to make you ill.

The Convenience Factor

Simply being able to choose and put the ingredients into the machine the night before and awake to the house full of the aroma of fresh bread is something you will never get bored of. It smells amazing. There is nothing better than warm fresh bread with your breakfast every morning.

If you are finding yourself getting hungry in the afternoon you could also have a little snack of bread with Virgin Olive Oil and balsamic vinegar. For something so simple it really does taste good

The Social Benefits

A very handy knock on effect to owning your own bread maker is the ability to make a loaf as and when you need it. For example, you could make a loaf to take to a party or family gathering. You will be proud to show off your baking skills and be amazed at the reaction you get from people trying your bread. It is quite possible they have never had proper fresh home made bread and the taste is fantastic. You can guarantee it wont be long before they end up buying their own bread maker too.

Cost Benefits

If you and the rest of the family eat sandwiches bought from the local shops every day you can quickly rack up a fair amount in lunch money. By making your own bread and buying some good quality fillings you will have some great sandwiches made exactly as you like them for a fraction of the cost.


Apart from the initial upfront cost of the machine there are not many downsides to owning and using a bread maker. You get convenient, great quality and healthy bread that above all tastes amazing. If you do decide to purchase one I would highly recommend going for a well known brand such as a Panasonic as they make reliable loaves every time. The cheaper alternatives can be a little hit and miss.


One final tip is ensure you do not scratch the non stick coating in the bowl. If you do the performance of the bread maker will degrade over time.